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  • Increase circulation of blood and lymph systems.

This may help clear waste products, including lactic acid, as well as increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to you tissues.

  • Muscle relaxation.

Massage therapy may help relieve muscle spasms and cramps.

  • Adhesion (otherwise known as "crunchies") removal.

An adhesion is when two tissues are joined by scar tissues following an injury or disease. Massage therapy may be effective in breaking down such adhesions.

  • Scar tissue alleviation.

Massage therapy may help relieve the presence of some scar tissue.

  • Pain relief.

Massage therapy can relieve pain, especially if caused by muscle spasms.

  • Respiratory drainage.

Tapotement (massage technique) may help drain the bronchial tubes of muscus accumulation.

  • Stress reduction.

Many forms of massage therapy may promote general relaxation and reduction of physical, emotional, and mental stress. Given the prevalence of stress-related disorders, this may be one of it's most important benefits

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